Free Online Crossfit Workouts

There is no need to purchase an expensive gym membership or higher a coach. Find free online crossfit workouts that will get you in shape. All you need is some space and some motivation to start getting in better shape.

Always do a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down and finish with stretches.

Annie Workout of The Day:

  • 1 Round for Time
  • Excersises: Jump Rope and Sit Ups
  • Reps
    • 50 double unders and 50 sit ups
    • 40 double unders and 40 sit ups
    • 30 double unders and 30 sit ups
    • 20 double unders and 20 sit ups
    • 10 double unders and 10 situps

A double under with a jump rope is when the rope skips two times under your feet for every jump.

The Full Body Workout of The Day:

  • 3 Rounds for Rep
  • Excersises: Jumping squats, push ups,¬† and pull ups
  • ¬†Reps
    • 15 jumping squats
    • 15 push ups
    • 15 pull ups
    • 5 burpees

The jump squat tutorial video.

View crossfit for women exercises.

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