Crossfit for Women

Crossfit for women is specifically designed to help females increase their strength, core, and metabolic rate. A women’s body differs greatly from a mans body that in general females store more fat than a male, have lower testosterone, and have higher estrogen.

We have developed a workout routine specifically designed for females who are looking for a great workout at home that do not have to worry about building a crossfit gym in their garage or needing a ton of equipment.

This list of exercises are great for helping women increase their crossfit strength. Remember that the exercises are to incorporate into a crossfit workout routine.

  • The Crossfit Plank – Get into a pushup position on the floor. The while holding your body straight bring your elbows down and rest on them as if the were your hands. You can place your hands together or make a fist with them.

The Crossfit Plank

  • Cross Crunch Exercises – There are a number of ways to do this which are outlined in the video below. The most common way is to lay down on your back and take your left elbow and touch your right knee. Then take your right elbow and touch your left knee.

View our beginners crossfit workouts for men and women top start getting in shape.

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